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Current & Future Works

Primitive Christian Church

The Church was established in 2005 upon the return of Job and Genie Youte after Job completed his studies at Johnson University in Tennessee. Church attendance started at twenty per week and most of them were family members. Today the average attendance per week is two hundred and fifty and now that the building is completed the seating capacity is approximately six hundred and fifty, which we hope to fill soon. Also, there are prayer meetings and Bible studies held throughout the week.​

Baptisms average between 10-15 per year and look to continue as God's Word is taught by Job  and the Deacons that have been called to serve in the ministry.

K-12 School

Currently we have 300 children enrolled at the Primitive Christian Academy attending grades K-10. The goal is to add a grade level each year until we reach K-12. Currently English is being taught as a second language with the goal of having an English teacher come to Haiti from the States not only to teach the children, but also to provide an opportunity for adults in the community to learn English through an Adult Education program.

The children also have a Bible Study for an hour a day which is age appropriate. The goal is that by hearing and studying the Word that they may come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Trade School

In June of this year (2021) the Trade School was reestablished with amazing results. We expected, and planned for, approximately fifty people to sign-up, instead we had 137 men and women enroll in one of five offerings; electrical, plumbing, ceramic tile (flooring), computers, and driver's education. Now the people of Saint Louis Du Nord can gain the necessary skills to better provide for themselves and their families. We will be offering an English Class in the Fall due to the many requests we have had from the people. What an exciting time! God is good!!!!
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