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What a year it has been the roof was finally completed (top)and the building itself is quite majestic. (Below) On December 25th the Primitive Christian Church celebrated its 14th year in existence. 350 were in attendance.

(Top)On January 5, 2020 Job Hyppolite-Jean preached his first sermon in the new Sanctuary with 450 in attendance. (Below) We had been averaging 20 baptisms per year since the Church first began and even in the Covid year of 2020 we had ten.

(Top) In October the Church packed up enough rice and beans to feed an additional 460 people that would have had to do without because of the unrest in the country. (Below) Nehemiah Hyppolite-Jean and James Joseph (Deacons) conducted a seminar in February 2020 for the next generation of Church Leaders.

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