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           Child Sponsorship

A child may be sponsored for $150 per year, or just $12.50 per month. When you choose to sponsor a child you will receive a picture and information about the child, so that you may keep them in your prayers.

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              Building Fund

To completely finish the interior of the building in 2021 we will need to raise an additional $55,000 this year. We also are looking to create a computer lab so we have a need for 20 laptop computers.

If you would prefer to donate by check please make your check payable to HACCM and in the memo section write Child Sponsorship, Building Fund, or Other and mail to HACCM, 4034 Southwick Circle, Roanoke, Virginia 24018. Thank you.

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        Additional Opportunities

There are many other opportunities to support the mission in Haiti.  We will need to add additional teachers for the upper grade levels starting next year, and we would like to create a more complete lunch program so that each child could be provided with at least one meal per day.

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