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About The Ministry


The Beginning
In the summer of 1998 Wayne Rinehart went on a short term mission trip to Haiti at which time he met a young man named Job Hyppolite-Jean. During that meeting Job and Wayne talked about leadership, mission, integrity, honesty and purpose. During a subsequent meeting, with Wayne and Ron Cass, and then eventually Karen Keim, the ground work was laid for Job to attend college in the United States. Through much prayer, persistence and perseverance, God opened doors for Job to attend Johnson Bible College. After graduation in 2004, and the establishment of HACCM, Job and his family moved back to Haiti to begin their ministry. With limited resources Job and his wife Genie stepped out in faith to start the Primitive Christian Church in 2005. Through the church they were then able to establish the Primitive Christian Academy in 2007, which started with twenty-five students and has grown to over three hundred students in just eleven years later.


In 2017 Wayne Rinehart stepped down from the helm of HACCM and Larry D. Campbell has moved into the position of Executive Director effective January 1, 2018. The work continues on the combined Church/School building as financial resources are made available by our many supporters. We finally were able to get the roof completed in December of 2019 and at long last separate the Church from the School. We had a grand celebration on December 25 marking our 14th year in existence and then on January 5, 2020 we had the first service in our new sanctuary. In the previous meeting place we were averaging 250 in attendance and for our first service in the new meeting place we had 450 people in attendance. This year in June of 2021 the Trade School was reestablished and we planned on about 50 people signing up, but instead we had 137 signups to take one of the following classes; Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, Computers, and Driver's Education. Needless to say the people of Saint Louis Du Nord are seeking enthusiastically the skills that will help them provide for themselves and their families.


We continue to add a grade level each year and in 2023 we will have our first graduating class! However that means we will need more qualified teachers which will add to our operational costs. We have our sights set on encouraging teachers in the States to come and be part of this extraordinary effort. We, also are looking to improve the accommodations for visiting mission teams and then we can begin work on the proposed medical clinic. Of course we proceed as funds become available.

We pray that God will continue to bless this Ministry, Job and his family, and all involved, as we move forward with the direction that He provides. 



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